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Since early 2020, Lomond Golf Company has been reinventing golf apparel with a focus on modern design whilst celebrating our Scottish heritage. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality fabrics, pairing them with unique design features and adding Scottish Tartan as a finishing touch within our Heritage Collection.


The modern game of golf took shape here in Scotland and grew into the wonderful sport that we play today. At  Lomond Golf Company we are steeped in the traditions of the game and celebrate that aspect of golf. Take our Flower of Scotland Heritage Polos as an example, the breathable technical fabric creates great comfort for the golfer. The cut of the shirt makes them perfect for the modern athletic golfer and the national tartan makes them stand out on the course.


We also celebrate the fact that golf is evolving and golfers are becoming ever more athletic. To capture the essence of the athletic golfer we push our designs to perform under the pressure of the modern golf swing. Cuffed ankles on our trousers give a new look to a golf course staple and work well with contemporary golf shoes.


Lomond Golf Company is leading the way in driving new style and quality in golf clothing. With our roots in Scotland we will push exciting designs whilst saluting the glorious ancient game that we all love.

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Andrew Hubble

This is a new Scottish company that needs our support. Products look great and quality matches. Thank you.

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